Dasmara writes about him and Iolanda:
"I started my adventure with dance already in Angola, when I was 15 years old. I always liked to dance choreographies. I danced in a group "Lambada without limits" and we took part in the national championship in Angola which we won. Then I participated in World Salsa Congress with "Os Latim Corte" group in 2005, and it was the first time I've walked on international stage - in Portugal. I started to give Kizomba lessons in 2006. Me and also my cooperation with Afro Digital became recognizable. I made the first recording with Lucia Nogueira titled "For those who know" in 2013. In 2013, I won Semba and Kizomba International Championship - Africadancar 2013 in Portugal with my partner Iolanda Rangel.
Dasmara Dossantos and Iolanda Rangel, two dancers of Angolan roots, living in Portugal, started cooperation in 2013 to take part in World Kizomba Championship in which they became national and world champions. From that moment, they have travelled across Europe, taking part in many festivals, teaching what they had learnt about dance and their roots and culture. With the visible progress, they have gained recognition in many countries. Moreover, they travel all over the world to give lessons in various African rhythms: kizomba, semba, afro house, rebita and ndobolo."

PAWE£ & MARLY (Poland / Angola)
Pawe³ started his dancing journey in 2012 in Poland. Two years later he moved to Lisbon to continue his dance career and learn with the best. Till now he lives here and constantly improves his skills under watchful eye of Mestre Petchu. He loves Kizomba, Semba and other dances that come from Africa because they allow him to release emotions in the unique way.

Marly started to dance in her childhood. Just being 8 years old she started to learn about culture, dance and music from her family members inheriting their traditions. As young girl together with her mom she moved to Portugal. After years of practising and learning together with her family and friends, her ginga and style became easily recognizable on the dancefloors of Lisbon.

They started to work together in 2014. Hours of trainings and exhanging knowledge resulted in winning 1st place in AfricAdancar Championship of Portugal in 2015. Passion and engagement in the dance brought them also 2nd place in Kizomba Open World Championship in 2016. Till now they enjoy teaching and being invited to many dance festivals in the world.

Mário Jordão - National Champion of the great dance competition kizomba and semba Angola 2015 and teacher of Angola and director of the school Esmeralda Company Kizomba School in Paris. He is also collaborator of the project "Kizomba na Rua" Angola.

Laury Esmeralda - international teacher and founder of the school Esmeralda Company Kizomba School. 3rd classified of the great dance contest kizomba and semba Africadançar 2013. And ambassador and representative of Angolan Culture in Europe.

Maciek i Agnieszka, teachers, trainers, dancers and choreographers with many years of experience in dance and teaching. They share their passion for dance and love for kizomba and semba. Classes with them are full of fun and learning. They can communicate in a simple manner, sharing their knowledge about the techniques of body movement, leading&following. At the same time they can “sell” many interesting curiosity related to kizomba and semba, while maintaining the discipline and methodology of teaching.

Maciek with 28 years of dance experience and more than 15 years of teaching experience. When he was 9 years old, he started to attend to ballroom class, and quickly became addicted to dance. When he Was 17 reached the highest ballroom class S. Still continued to grow first as an amateur then professional. During his dancing became a teacher too, helping young couples became better dancers. He graduate instructor studies of dancing in Warsaw. After finishing competing in 2009, became teacher of dozens of couple severy class. Passion for dancing pulled him to study latin dances, Salsa and Bachata, and after Kizomba & Semba wich became his biggest passion. Now he is developing Kizomba & Semba in Silesian district. The understanding and quality of his dance is based on Ballroom, Salsa, Bachata, Jazz, Kizomba, Semba, Afrohouse.

Agnieszka with more than 10 years of dance experience and more than 7 years of teaching experience, first introduced and developed kizomba and bachata in her family city, Poznan. Responsible also for developing kizomba and semba in Poland. She trained generations of great dancing people in both styles, who would then be able to put their own steps to further explore the world of dance.
The quality of her dance is based on the knowledge of multiple dance techniques she has, like Salsa (LA, NY, Cuban), Bachata (Dominican, sensual), Kizomba&Semba, Afrohouse&Kuduro, Traditional African Dances, Jazz, Broadway, West Coast Swing.
Agnieszka graduated a music school so she  has a knowledge and experience which allows for a broader view of the role of music in dance, its understanding and interpretation.
She completed  a series of training sessions organized by one of the most recognizable couples in the kizomba world, Afrolatin Connection, and performed with them several times in their choreographies. In September 2015 she completed „Semba Specialty Course” organized in Lisbon by Maestre Pechu (called European father of kizomba) and his parter Vanessa.
She is constantly learning and improving her dance skills in different styles, but her passion is definitely African dances, both traditional and modern.
From 2011 till 2015 Agnieszka with her former partner lead their own dance formation “Hot Steps” which was performing during the biggest festivals and dance events in Poland.  From 2013 till 2015 Agnieszka also lead the bachata formation „Ladies Project”.
From 2015 Agnieszka is certified trainers in World Hug Dance Project. She is an official trainers with choreography of: Afrolatin Connection, Sousa Brothers, Paula Loreiro and Fantastic4.

Maciek’s dance successes:
•    Finalist of Polish Championships in Ballroom
•    Finalist of German Open Championships in Ballroom

Agnieszka’s dance successes:
•    Afrolatin Connection Bootcamp Show 2014
•    1st place at Africadancar Poland In 2014 & 2015 – representing Poland during international finals,
•    1st place at Bachata Stars Poland in 2011, representing Poland at Bachata Stars Europe, Grand Canaria 2011,
•    1st place at Afrocuban Festival 2012 in Kizomba,
•    1st place at National Contest of Salsa Choreography in 2012 with Combo Cubano formation,
•    1st place at Primavera Salsa Open, Salsa Show Style, in 2010 and 2011 with Combo Cubano formation, Grand Prix atPrimavera Salsa Open in 2011,
•    3rd place at National Contest of Salsa Choreography in w 2010 with Combo Cubano,
•    1st place at National Contest of Salsa Choreography in w 2011 with Combo Cubano.

DJ Dasmara (Angola)

DJ Simon (Angola)

Dotizinha (Poland)