>> 09.02.2018
We would like to invite you to PHOTO & VIDEO Gallery :)
autor: Michał Górka

If somebody left something in changing room of SEMPRE school, please contact with school reception
Sempre Taniec & Fitness
Tel: +48 12 292 2002
Mobile: +48 509 656 214
autor: Michał Górka

Let's start Festival!
This is usefull information during Festival -> >> HERE << (PDF)
autor: Michał Górka

We would like to inform that on 23.01.2018 at 11:59pm LAST MINUTE offer finished and registration via internet finished.
autor: Michał Górka

We opened channel in aplication Pinngle messanger.
1. Download free aplication Pinngle from Google Play or from website
2. Register your phone numer and login in.
3. You will receive verification code by SMS or you will receive incoming call from Latvian number. Pick up the phone.
4. In aplication find channel and follow it.
The channel will help to inform all Angolan Festival participants about news, some changes and usefull information during festival. You can call or write message by Pinngle to organizer for free. After charge account you can call for mobile phones and landline phones.
Enjoy using!
autor: Michał Górka

We wolud like to invite all participants of Angolan Festival for food to Zielona Pietruszka restaurant, 48 Starowi¶lna St. (very close to workshop place, Friday & Sunday Party, hotel).
On Saturday 27.01 and Sunday 28.01 there is 25% discount for all for password Angolan Festival
autor: Michał Górka

LAST MINUTE ofer - only today: 23.01.2018 until 23:59
Fullpass: 299 PLN / 75 EUR
Daypass: 199 PLN / 52 EUR
Condition: Payment just after registration and send us imidiately confirmation of payment.
autor: Michał Górka

We wolud like to inform that on 21.01.2018 we registration via internet finished.
autor: Michał Górka

We wolud like to inform that on 15.01.2018 we finished collecting orders for festival t-shirt.
autor: Michał Górka

We started selling daypass and partypass tickets  >> HERE <<
autor: Michał Górka

We would like to present you workshop schedule >> HERE <<
autor: Michał Górka

Today new price level began and CHRISTMAS PROMOTION! Get 20 PLN / 5 EUR additional discount for Christmas!
If you fulfill other conditions you can get max. 60 PLN / 15 EUR!!!
Do not wait for last moment! Register now :)
autor: Michał Górka

We would like to inform you that we we have next couple of instructors: Agnieszka & Maciek - MA-semba :)
autor: Michał Górka

We are very sorry to inform you that at this edition of Angolan Festival VAMULA will not appear in full composition. They have been with us every year, so we hope that next edition they will come back to us with renewed energy and new ideas :)
DJ Dotizinha remains unchanged.
And so far, we have been supporting Lukasz and Karolina to represent our country and Angolan culture behind the ocean in this time.
Soon there will be information about workshop schedule :-)
autor: Michał Górka

On 26th October the lowest price level finished. Now fullpass costs  300 PLN / 75 EUR until 21st November 2017.
autor: Michał Górka

We begin registration for 6th Angolan Festival -> !
Register yourself and fulfill conditions and you receive upto 40PLN / 10EUR discount!
autor: Michał Górka

Let's start! Event on Facebook:
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