Please read the RULES (English version will be available soon) (PDF) and fill the >>FORM<<

1.Fullpass (until: xx.10.2018)          xxx PLN / xx EUR
2.Fullpass (until: xx.11.2018)          xxx PLN / xx EUR
3.Fullpass (until: xx.12.2018)          xxx PLN / xx EUR
4.Fullpass (until: xx.01.2019)          xxx PLN / xx EUR

Festival T-shirt: xxPLN / xxEUR!!! - orders only until xx.01.2018

Discounts for groups (without daypass, partypass tickets) - please contact with us.

Fullpass - 2 days of workshops and 3 parties
Daypass - 1 day of workshops and 3 parties
Partypass - 3 parties